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We believe no skin type is exactly the same so we offer customised facial treatments to suit all most types, come and visit us and see what we can do for you.

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Natural Skin Care

You can now by the same amazing products you are use to purchasing in our clinics online and we ship locally or internationally.

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Our Treatments

Nano Sonic Facial

  • Non Invasive
  • 30 min medical grade facial
  • Manual cleanse
  • Dermal Sonic detox, heal and infusion
  • Nourishment
  • Hydration
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Inside Out Peel

  • Non Invasive
  • 90 min non chemical facial peel
  • Manual cleanse
  • Dermal Sonic detox, heal and infusion
  • Delicate Resurfacing mask
  • Dermal Sonic lifting and toning
  • Cell regeneration
  • Plumping
  • No down time
  • No discomfort
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Laser Hair Removal

Interested in never having to shave or wax again?, then ask us about our laser hair removal service.

Cellulite Treatments

This is the latest technology used by only a selected number of doctors in Sydney, come and see our case studies today.

Pigmentation Treatments

Living in Australia we all know how harsh the sun can be come and see how we can remove your pigmentation with as little as a few treatments.

Injections & Dermal Fillers

A desecrate and innovative way to sooth out your wrinkles and frown lines, this service is only offered by our specialised doctors.

No trick photography and no photoshop just real pictures of real clients come in and visit us and ask to see our real before and after case studies.


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You can now by the same amazing products you are use to purchasing in our clinics online and we ship locally or internationally.

Elegant and Effective

Our treatments will you give you that elegant look whilst not been invasive to your skin, we use techniques that work from the inside out. When compared to other treatments we offer very little trauma to the epidermis as we focus in treating your skin from the inside out.

  • Effectiviness 95%
  • Down Time 5%
  • Results 95%
  • Skin Trauma 5%

Our Locations

We have several state of the art and convenient locations across Sydney, simply click on the maps for directions.

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With Our Most Advanced Treatments Yet.

We strive in brining our clients the latest treatments that actually work we dont believe in the Fluff Duffy approach for us its all about results

There is much to choose from when it comes to facial care today. Whether you do your face care at home, visit a beauty salon or have it done by a professional, you have an array of products to choose from, including face masks, face creams, face wash, face cleanser, face moisturiser, and other face treatments, including laser, microdermabrasion, light therapy, Cosmetic injectables, fillers, peels and a variety of acne treatments for face/skin problems.

When faced with such a huge choice in skin care, it can be a little confusing.

Facial Care By Sia, Sydney’s most recognised and respected skin care clinic, is here to help you cut through the hype and marketing to help you choose a natural skin care routine for the face that will be both effective and affordable.

Facial Care

Even if you suffer from face allergies or irritation, Facial Care Sia has a completely natural, chemical-free solution, including the best face creams in our Dermedix, Chiral Actives and skin care Gernetic ranges, and amazing treatments for face wrinkles, including light therapy and chemical-free peels.

So if you find the array of face care products and brands a little daunting, skip your visit to the beauty salon and visit us today for a simple, uncomplicated solution.

Looking for a range of skin care products that actually do what they claim? Facial Care Sia’s skin care ranges are designed to be different.

Most mass-produced facial moisturisers, facial cleansing products, facial toners and facial creams contain a cocktail of harsh chemicals, like petrochemicals, that can actually increase the appearance of facial wrinkles and irritate our delicate skin.

Dermedix includes only the latest naturally chirally corrected actives, to nurture and heal your skin. For example, Derma Clenz facial wash is totally free of harsh chemicals like parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol and petrochemicals – unlike most other cleansers available today – making it one of the best facial cleansers around. Follow our cleanser up with Phytoderm – the cream we consider to be the best facial moisturiser available in Australia as it actually adapts to your skin’s needs.

Ever had one of those facials done by a professional, only to break out later? Chances are you have a reaction to their facial care products. The Chiral Actives range of facial cosmeceuticals actually calm and heal irritation. This is because Chiral Actives and Dermedix are ‘chirally corrected’ – or made from molecules that are purified. Chirally corrected facial skin care is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skins, men’s and women’s skins and those with chronic skin conditions.

We also use Chiral Actives all natural face peels for skin rejuvenation or to treat acne.

You may have heard of facial peels, often known as chemical peels, glycolic acid peels, acid peels and lactic acid peels.

The idea of glycolic peels and other glycolic acid products is to active healthy skin cells by creating a trauma to the skin. The healing wound releases collagen and elastin from the fibroblasts, giving the skin a more youthful, healthy appearance.

This kind of glycolic acid for the face has turned up in other skin products as well, including glycolic acid cleanser, glycolic acid creams and even glycolic acid facials. Unfortunately, along with the glycolic acid, came other chemicals that irritated the skin.

Fortunately, thanks to Facial Care By Sia, it is possible to achieve this kind of skin rejuvenation without the chemicals using our all-natural salicylic acids peels and lactic acid peels by Chiral Actives.

Our dynamic, medical grade, chirally corrected skin peels are anti-inflammatory and achieve spectacular anti-aging results, even for those with sensitive skin.

Derived totally from plants, this natural skin peel is kinder on your face while still achieving vastly superior results to traditional glycolic acid and chemical peels. These natural skincare treatments contain none of the irritating chemicals and preservatives that can cause harsh reactions, and are ideal for a range of conditions including sun damage, smoothing out wrinkles, acne scarring, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

Along with skin care and peels, Facial Care By Sia uses the latest technology and our highly trained clinicians to offer our clients total skin rejuvenation.

You may have heard of or maybe wondering what is microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion treatments have been around for many years and involve using abrasives to remove the top layer of skin to encourage deep exfoliation and stimulate skin cell renewal.

But how does microdermabrasion shape up against new technologies?

Light and photo therapy vs. microdermabrasion: Medi light therapy, also called photodynamic therapy, led light therapy, blue light therapy or simply phototherapy, uses wavelengths of light to increase the circulation and oxygen in the skin, which then supports the natural regeneration of your skin. Medi Light Therapy also improves collagen synthesis and cellular growth, whereas microdermabrasion only smoothes the surface layer of the skin and cannot reach down to the dermis for deep cell stimulation.

We also partner our Medi Light Therapy with our Ultrasonic Treatment for cleaner, firmer and younger skin. Unlike dermabrasion, ultrasonic wavelengths allow for intense cleaning without aggression or abrasives, infusing products deeper into the skin for healing, strengthening, stimulating and lifting.

We do not only treat aging skins, our skin care, medi light treatment and ultrasonic acne treatments and facials are also great for acne scars .

For the many adolescents and some adults suffering from oily skin and and wondering how to get treatment for acne, Facial Care By Sia has the solution.

Medi Light therapy is a very effective acne, pimples and blackheads treatment. Light therapy increases circulation and the supply of oxygen to the skin to get rid of pimples on the face, as well as infection, and speeds up the natural healing process. This pimple treatment is proven to fight microbial infection, minimise pores, and also works deep within the skin’s cells as a treatment to remove most acne scarring by regenerating cellular activity and increasing collagen and elastin synthethis, for smooth, acne free skin and fewer pimples and blackheads on the face.

Wondering how to get rid of blackheads or how to get rid of pimples? Our ultrasonic treatments are a perfect oily skin treatment.

Ultrasonic is an exceptional cleanser for oily skins, deep cleaning an oily face without stripping natural protective oils while still unclogging pores and killing infection. The ultrasonic waves also ensure our skin care for oily or dry skin can penetrate more deeply and infuse additional nutrients into the deeper layers, where acne and infection begins.

When used in conjunction with oily skin treatments, such as our Chiral Actives oily skin cleanser Intense Clenz, Medi light and ultrasonic can treat and clear oily acne prone skin far more effectively than using oily skin care products alone.

Whatever you skin’s needs, Facial Care By Sia has the solution. Using the latest in skin care technology combined with our all natural skin care and fully qualified skin care specialists, we can design a skin treatment program to heal, nourish and cleanse your skin. From acne to aging skin, visit us now and see how we can help you!

What Our Customers Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I love they way they peel me from the inside out without any down time or pain. my skin has never looked so young and fresh. I’m completely hooked! thanks

Emma, Balmain

best treatments ever, i got mine as gift and now I’m hooked

David, Point Piper

What a wonderful experience, finally a professional clinic that delivers.

Susan, Sydney

Thanks guys my skin has never felt better no more acne for me 🙂

Maria, Chatswood

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