Many acid peels are just as bad as the name suggests, stripping your skin of its top layers so that nutrients must be diverted away from our supporting layers to fix the surface.

Many years ago, skin doctors decided that the top layer of the skin, or epidermal barrier, needed to be exfoliated. Since then, skin care clinics and doctors have used harsh abrasives and acid peels to slough off the top layers of your skin to prompt ‘skin renewal’.

But latest skin research shows that treatments like chemical acid peels may actually be aging your skin further. This is because you are removing the skin’s epidermal barrier – the barrier that stands between you and the outside world. The skin’s first response is to fix this important barrier, so it takes nutrients away from the layer that gives our skin it’s structure – the dermis – to do this.

But it is, in fact, the dermis that needs the circulation and nutrients to stop our skin from aging prematurely.

facial peel at Facial Care By Sia using the latest in natural peels actually infuses nutrients into the dermis and upper layers, to turn back the clock and improve the overall quality of the skin. Our peel infusions are not acid based.

So before undertaking a chemical acid peel, find out more and visit Facial Care By Sia.