Facial cleansing is just about the most important part of your daily beauty routine. Facial wash rids the skin of allergens, pollutants, excess oil, makeup and dead skin cells, preparing your skin for the day and ensuring it functions correctly.

But did you know that most facial wash contains the same ingredient that’s in your dishwashing detergent?

Yep, that’s right. If you check out the ingredients of your current facial wash, you are bound to find something called sodium laurel sulphate, or one of its derivatives.

This chemical in most facial washes is what gives your skin that overly clean ‘squeaky’ feeling and usually has you rushing to apply the moisturiser right after your twice daily facial cleansing.

This very harsh detergent actually strips your skin of essential oils and damages your skin’s protective layer, the epidermal barrier. Once you damage the epidermal barrier, a whole raft of skin problems can occur, such as acne, rosacea and even eczema.

The key to good facial cleansing is using a gentle, natural cleanser that lifts excess oil, dirt and make-up without overly stripping the skin. You By Sia has a number of excellent facial washes that not only never over-strip your skin, but that contain no chemicals whatsoever. Find out more.