Do you suffer from enlarged pores?

Our pores actually perform a crucial function for our skin, but when they become blocked and enlarged, they can cause the skin to become oily, uneven and bumpy.

The pores on the face and body help to guide the oil created by the sebaceous glands to the upper layers of the skin. Our skin needs this oil for protection, healing and for retaining moisture.

However, when skin is not cleansed properly, the dead skin cells on the upper layers of the skin that naturally shed can accumulate in the open pores, blocking them and causing them to appear larger.

If left untreated, these enlarged skin pores will become permanently stretched, eventually leading to greasy, rough and bumpy facial skin.

At Facial Care By Sia, we use the latest technology and natural, chemical-free skin care to reduce unsightly large pores and restore the skin to its natural, healthy state.

These treatments include our medical grade facials and our new Regen Pen, which reduces pores significantly. So visit Facial Care By Sia and get the results you want.