It amazing just how far we’ve come in terms of facial rejuvenation in the last 10 years. Thanks to an array of laser rejuvenation technologies, facial rejuvenation no longer requires scalpels and scars.

Laser rejuvenation is amazing because it actually prompts the skin’s own firming factors, collagen and elastin, to naturally firm the skin, rather than introducing outside agents to artificially rejuvenate the skin.

By using heat, laser rejuvenation creates a mild injury to the skin. This prompts the skin to release collagen and elastin to heal itself, which in turn results in facial rejuvenation.

Laser rejuvenation technology at Facial Care By Sia

Facial Care By Sia has just imported two new technologies that make facial rejuvenation even more effective. Our new anti-cellulite technology also results in amazing facial rejuvenation by using a combination of magnetic pulsing and radio frequency to achieve deep thermal stimulation without the pain usually associated with laser facial rejuvenation, such as thermage.

Similarly, our new laser pigmentation removal technology is the only technology of its type available in Australia currently. This new technology also achieves facial rejuvenation via thermal stimulation when used for pigmentation removal.

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