You don’t have to over-strip and dry out your skin to effectively treat acne. In fact, just a simple light treatment at Facial Care By Sia can make a big difference to acne.

At Facial Care By Sia, we offer the latest in light therapies in conjunction with our chemical-free, medical grade skin care and our skin treatments, including blue light acne treatment.

Blue light acne treatment kills the bacteria that causes acne and stimulates the cells to heal and repair the skin.

Our Bio Light Therapy is amazing and can heal many skin conditions effectively, without chemicals or stripping the skin, including acne, because light therapy increases collagen synthesis, cellular growth and accelerates wound healing.

Used along with our medical grade acne treatments, blue light acne treatment can help heal existing acne, including acne that’s under the skin and not yet visible to the naked eye, regulate oil production and gently unblock pores.

To find out more about blue light acne treatment, visit Facial Care By Sia.