Many of the acne treatments you find on the market today are designed to overly dry out your skin. However, this excessive drying can actually make acne worse.

Consider this, acne is caused by shedding skin cells that get trapped in the skin’s pores. The oil produced by the skin builds up in these trapped pores and often becomes infected. This infection spreads, causing acne.

But acne treatments that dry out the skin actually have the reverse effect as skin works hard to produce even more oil to replace the oil that was stripped.

These harsh acne treatments also damage the skin’s epidermal barrier. The epidermal barrier is the first line of defense between the environment and your skin. When it is damaged, the skin is more prone to irritation and infection as the skin is not effectively protecting itself.

It’s vicious circle. Acne causes sufferers to use acne treatments that dry out the skin. The skin produces more oil to compensate, which leads to more acne treatments and the cycle continues.

At Facial Care By Sia, we have a number of treatments, including our medical-grade Mediderm Visage, light therapy and medical-grade acne skin care, to gently and effectively regulate sebum production and restore the epidermal barrier, so skin is no longer stressed and irritated. Contact us now!