Why we get blackheads
No matter what your age, blackheads can still be a daily struggle.

Blackheads can be caused by a number of things, including excess sebum, oil, dirt, environmental pollutants and clogging makeup.

But now, Facial Care By Sia has an amazing treatment for acne and blackheads!

Our Ultrasonic treatment will get rid of this pesky blackhead or two, while cleaning deep down and infusing your skin with nourishing nutrients. Visit us now!

Blackheads on the face or body are caused by our naturally occurring skin oil, or sebum, getting trapped in a pore, causing a ‘plug’. This plug then turns black due to oxidization.

But instead of getting out your blackhead remover or using your fingernails and potentially causing an infection or scarring, Facial Care By Sia recommends our ultrasonic treatment.

How to get rid of blackheads!

Ultrasonic uses sonic vibrations to lift loose skin cells and improve the skin’s circulation. It deep cleans without scratching or stripping the skin of its oils, while also ensuring skin care for oily or dry skin can penetrate more deeply, where face blackheads, acne and infection begins.

For chronic blackheads, try one of our all-natural, chemical free, chirally corrected facial peels by Chiral Actives. Derived totally from plants, these natural peels will deeply exfoliate and cleanse, reducing pores and removing blackheads while stimulating healing, even for those with sensitive skin.

So if you suffer from blackheads, visit Facial Care By Sia for a comprehensive blackhead treatment program that will have your skin looking, clear, fresh and healthy!


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