Why do we get them?

Do you suffer from pimples? Blackheads? Congestion? Acne?

We all occasionally suffer from a pimple or two in adulthood, but sometimes the ‘cure’ can be worse than the problem!

Over the counter pimple creams can be very drying to the skin and face, actually stimulating oil production, making pimples and blackheads worse!

Facial Care By Sia specialises in skin care and pimple treatments that will leave your skin healthy, clear and pimple-free. So visit us today and say goodbye to those pimples!


Pimples on the face are caused by a blockage in the skin’s pore, which then becomes infected. The blockage may be caused by excess sebum (blackhead), makeup, oil or dirt, or even an ingrown hair.


How to get rid of pimples

Facial Care By Sia, we have a number of treatments to help get rid of pimples.

Medi light therapy and ultrasonic are both amazing face pimples treatments. Light therapy uses different wavelengths of light to heal old blemishes and mild scarring while preventing new pimples by killing bacteria deep in the skin.

Sonic vibrations deep clean inside the pore, to remove pimple causing blockages and help acne skin care to penetrate more deeply to heal infections from within.

Facial Care By Sia also has a range of skin care products specifically designed to help clear congestion without drying or irritating the skin. Perfect for getting rid of pimples on the face is Chiral Actives.

Chiral Actives uses only natural plant extracts and zero chemical to help return balance to your skin. Key to the Chiral Actives range is restoring the epidermal barrier, which in turn improves acne and pimples on faces everywhere, as oil production in normalised and inflammation is reduced.

Whatever your pimple problem, Facial Care By Sia has a natural and effective solution. Our skin care is all natural and contains no chemicals or by-products from the oil industry, so it is not irritating or drying and can be used by those with sensitive skin. So visit Facial Care By Sia today for a comprehensive skin assessment and say goodbye the pimples!

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