Minimise big poors
Enlarges pores on the face are quite common, and most often appear in the oiler ‘t’ section of the face – the forehead and nose.

If left long enough, these enlarged face pores can distort your appearance, become permanently stretched leaving a ‘hole’, and lead to oily, bumpy skin.

People with enlarged pores often use cosmetic remedies, such as concealer and foundation, to ‘cover up’ their pores, only to find this often exacerbates the problem by clogging the pores, opening the large pores on the face even further.

If you have open pores on the face and are at a loss to know how to reduce them, then visit Facial Care By Sia. We have a number of fast, effective treatments to reduce facial pores and give you skin a more refined look.


The pores on the face and body help to guide the oil created by the sebaceous glands to the upper layers of the skin.


However, when skin is not cleansed properly, the dead skin cells on the upper layers of the skin can accumulate in the open pores causing them to appear larger.

If untreated, these enlarged skin pores will become permanently stretched, eventually lead to greasy, rough as well as bumpy facial skin.

How do I get rid of enlarged pores?

If you have a large pore or two, Facial Care By Sia has a number of treatments to reduce them and refine your skin.

Medi light therapy uses wavelengths of light to improve circulation and healing in the dermis, helping to naturally heal infection, kill bacteria, reduce pores and restore the skin’s natural balance.

Our Ultrasonic treatment utilises sonic vibrations to lift dead skin cells, excess sebum and blackheads out of enlarged pores to they naturally appear smaller.

Try one of our all-natural, chemical free facial peels by Chiral Actives. These peels gently lift the upper layers of the skin, refining the skin’s appearance and reducing pores without harsh chemicals, while stimulating collagen production for deep cell renewal.

Facial Care By Sia also has a range of skin care products specifically designed to help clear and reduce clogged pores on your face. Try Intense Clenz, a cleanser by Chiral Actives. This cleanser contains AHAs to gently lift dead skin cells and sebum from each pore on the face, while naturally killing bacteria and calming inflammation.

If you suffer from oily skin, acne, blemishes or an enlarged pore or two on the face, Facial Care By Sia has the best natural and effective solution to unclog pores. Using a combination of skin care and the latest skin treatments, Facial Care By Sia can help reduce your pores and balance out your skin. So visit Facial Care By Sia today!

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