Scars Stretch Marks

Scars and stretch marks can be tricky to deal with and very debilitating to confidence. So Facial Care By Sia now offers a number of medical-grade treatments to improve scars, acne scars and stretch marks as much as possible, to restore confidence.

There are a few different kinds of scars and appropriate treatment will depend on this. Scars can be loosely classed into three categories: surface scars, medium depth scars and deep scars.


Surface scars just affect the top few layers of skin, such as post acne marks. Medium depth scars, like chicken pox scars and some acne scars, affect more layers of skin, but do not go down to the skin’s dermis. Deep scars, like stretch marks and deep acne pits, go all the way through the skin and also affect the dermis.

Facial Care By Sia has recently secured the latest in collagen induction therapies to significantly reduce surface and medium depth scars, and improve the look of deeper scars.


Our new Derma Pen is a fantastic treatment for those mild to medium depth scars. Using very fine needles that penetrate to a maximum depth of 1mm, the Derma Pen stimulates the skin’s natural healing response, prompting it to release extra collagen and elastin. This collagen and elastin helps to further heal and improve the appearance of mild to medium depth scars, acne scars and post acne marks.

Facial Care By Sia recommends around five treatments to get the best results with the Derma Pen. And unlike other collagen induction therapies like fraxel and co2 laser, recovery time and cost are significantly lessened. Read more about skin needling here.

Deeper scars that affect the dermis are much harder to treat and can never be completely resolved as the dermis, once damaged, can never be repaired back to its original state. But Facial Care By Sia has a new therapy that can improve the appearance of these scars and stretch marks as much as possible. Using our unique magnetic pulsing and radio frequency therapy, livid red stretch marks and acne pits can be faded to appear almost invisible. In the case of deep acne pits, Facial Care By Sia can also apply expert cosmetic injectable technology, reducing the depth of these scars significantly.

So if you suffer from scars, acne scars and stretch marks that affect your confidence, visit a Facial Care By Sia clinic and find out how we can help using the latest, medical grade skin care technologies.

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