Difference between whitehead and blackhead
Whiteheads on the face can be irritating and affect your appearance. White heads on the face are solidified sebum and dead skin cells that get trapped under the skin and can be difficult to remove. Facial Care By Sia has a number of effective treatments to gently remove whiteheads on the face without chemicals, irritation or scarring. So if whiteheads are driving you to distraction, call Facial Care By Sia and clear up whiteheads from your first appointment!

What are whiteheads?

Whiteheads are tiny white raised spots in the skin. They are solidified sebum and dead skin cells that get trapped underneath the skin. Also called milia, whiteheads are white because they are trapped under the skin, thereby stopping the natural oxidization process that causes blackheads to blacken. Whiteheads are generally caused by not cleansing the face or exfoliating the skin correctly and are common in oily skin types. Hormones can also contribute to this. Whiteheads can occur anywhere on the face or body, but usually appear around the eyes, and on the forehead and cheeks.


How to get rid of whiteheads

Getting rid of whiteheads can be difficult, as the whitehead is under the skin. Trying to force whiteheads removal can result in infections and even scarring. Fortunately, Facial Care By Sia has the most effective treatment for white heads on the face, ultrasonic.

Sonic vibrations oscillate thousands of times per second to deep clean without harsh scratching. Ultrasonic is an exceptional cleanser for oily skins, deep cleaning an oily face without stripping natural protective oils, gently unclogging pores to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads.


Our dynamic, medical grade, chirally corrected skin peels also help to remove whiteheads while also improving the overall quality of the skin. Our peels by Chiral Actives contain no chemicals and instead use natural plant actives to lift the surface layers of the skin, treating whiteheads and blackheads while stimulating collagen to assist in healing.

Whiteheads on the face are difficult to cover with makeup, and adding makeup often exacerbates the problem, further clogging pores. So visit Facial Care By Sia at Sydney CBD, Castle Hill or Bondi Junction for effective whitehead removal treatments and a comprehensive skin care program that will prevent them from reoccurring!

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