Facial cleansers

With two type of cleansers we cover all skin types
Did you know that various sodium laurel sulphates, the common ingredient in most facial cleansers available today, is the same ingredient found in your dishwashing detergent?

You only have to see what this ingredient does to the grease on your dishes to see how incredibly damaging this can be to your delicate skin.

The latest skin care research suggests that our obsession with chronic exfoliation is doing massive amounts of harm to our skin and actually causing us to age even faster.

This is because most mass-produced facial cleansers are stripping our skin’s natural epidermal barrier, the same barrier that protects our skin from conditions such as aging.

Enter Chiral Actives. This range of skin care products actually helps retore and protect our epidermal barrier, so our skin can function optimally, the way it was designed to.

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Facial Cleansers by Sia

Fresh Clenz is a natural facial cleanser. This luxurious cleanser effectively removes dirt, makeup and environmental toxins without drying out the skin or stripping the skin’s protective lipid barrier. It is sodium lauryl sulfate free and uses soothing, natural kiwi and kumquat derivatives to purify the skin.


Delicate Clenz is a gently exfoliating, natural facial cleanser that is popular with all skin types. It is very effective at removing environmental toxins, dirt and makeup without stinging the eyes or damaging the skin’s protective lipid barrier. Enzymes are used to clear up loose skin cells only.

Intense Clenz is our best facial cleanser. It gives a deep clean but is so gentle it does not strip the skin’s natural barrier. Intense Clenz pulls pollutants from the pores effectively and yet remains gentle on protective lipids, ensuring no irritation. This natural facial cleanser only uses the best coconut and kiwi derived surfactants to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

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