Facial Moisturisers

It can be hard selecting a facial moisturiser that’s right for your skin.

Do you have dry skin? Oily skin? Sensitive or irritated skin? And how do you know which is which?

At Facial Care By Sia, we are here to help you choose the best facial moisturiser and other skin care that’s right for your unique skin type.


Using our visia photo imaging, we will give you a skin assessment and then prescribe the right skin care that will actually give you the result you want. So visit us today and help us improve the health of your skin!

What is in facial moisturisers?

Most facial moisturisers today contain a cocktail of chemicals, including parabens and petrochemicals, that can irritate and dry out your skin.


Facial Care By Sia has sourced the best, all-natural skin care from Australia and the world so we can offer our customers effective skin care that actually does what it promises!

Our Dermedix and Chiral Actives ranges of skin care contains only natural ingredients to restore the health of your skin. Try Phytoderm, the four in one intelligent facial moisturiser that actually adapts to moisturise different facial areas in one application.

Or try Saturate by Chiral Actives by Sia – the best skin moisturiser available today. This amazing cream deeply hydrates, nourishes
and heals, calming inflammation and reducing redness.

So if you are looking for an effective facial moisturizer that actually does what it promises, visit Facial Care By Sia today for a full skin assessment and a tailor-made skin care program.

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