Facial Rejuvination

You may have heard of facial rejuvenation and are wondering what this is all about!

There is no single product or service to achieve facial rejuvenation. Rather, facial rejuvenation can include various things, such as laser rejuvenation, ipl photo rejuvenation, laser facial resurfacing, rejuvenation cream and cosmetic rejuvenation.

Many so-called facial rejuvenation clinics apply these rejuvenation treatments to your skin ‘ad-hoc’, or lock you into a contract to receive unnecessary and expensive treatments that you may not need and that may not even work on your skin!

At Facial Care By Sia, we do not believe in contracts or maximising profit with unnecessary treatments. Instead, we give you a comprehensive skin assessment to ensure we prescribe the right facial rejuvenation options for you – to maximise results, not profits.

So visit Facial Care By Sia today for informative and honest skin rejuvenation treatment options.

What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Face rejuvenation can mean a number of things. But generally speaking, skin rejuvenation is any treatment that restores firmness to the skin by increasing collagen in the skin, lifting sagging, hydrating, filling in hollows and lines and clearing the complexion of age spots.

What does Facial Care By Sia use for face rejuvenation?

We will use one or a number of these treatments at our rejuvenation clinic, depending on your skin assessment and skin type:
• Photo rejuvenation treatment
• Rejuvenation beauty and skin care
• Ultrasonic treatments
• Laser pigmentation and hair removal
• Peels
• Injectables

What is photorejuvenation or light therapy?

Our Medi light therapy, sometime also incorrectly called laser photorejuvenation or photodynamic laser therapy, uses wavelengths of light to supply additional nutrients to the skin, which in turn accelerates healing. Medi Light Therapy increases cellular growth, collagen synthesis and more, without any of the potential contra-indications of laser facial rejuvenation treatments, like burns, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Facial Care By Sia selects various light wavelengths for photo facial rejuvenation as indicated by your skin’s needs.

What is ultrasonic treatment?

Our Ultrasonic is a treatment using sonic vibrations, which help to lift loose skin cells and deep cleans to clear blackheads and congestion. Unlike microdermabrasion, ultrasonic does not scratch or injure the skin as it cleans, nor does it spread infection around your face or strip away protective oils. It is amazingly stimulating and lifting and allows our natural skin care to penetrate right down to the deeper skin layers where it does the most good.

Facial peels

Our medical grade, chirally-corrected skin peels by Chiral Actives are amazing for facial resurfacing. These peels are made totally from plants and are entirely chemical-free, and yet they achieve amazing results that surpass those of old chemical peels. Peels improve just about every sign of aging there is to improve for total facial skin rejuvenation, including age spots, wrinkles, sagging etc.

Laser pigmentation removal

As we age we get age spots. Our facial laser hyperpigmentation treatment uses the most advanced laser technology to remove all your age spots, leaving you with clear, youthful looking skin. As an added benefit, the heat in the laser stimulates collagen production, resulting face and skin rejuvenation.

Cosmetic injectables

All our injectable treatments are only carried out by a doctor, to ensure natural looking results. Cosmetic injectables soften the appearance of some wrinkles as it temporarily relaxes the underlying muscles that are causing the wrinkle, while fillers attract fluid to deep, static wrinkles and hollows to smooth out the skin.

What can facial rejuvenation treat?

At our face rejuvenation clinics we can treat all aging concerns, including wrinkles, scarring, sagging facial contours and age spots. This is because a combination of light therapy, peels and injectables stimulate collagen and plump up hollows and lines, restoring the complexion from the inside out.

What about laser or ipl rejuvenation?

There is much that can be done at our skin rejuvenation clinics without resorting to expensive and dangerous facial laser resurfacing using ipl. Much of the facial skin rejuvenation carried out today at lesser clinics is done using ipl. Ipl facial lasers do not emit an exact wavelength of light, meaning this older technology can burn and leave you with scarring. At Facial Care By Sia, we do not use ipl for photorejuvenation, or for any of our laser treatments. We use actual Candela Alexandrite lasers and NOT laser equivalents, such as IPL, for our skin treatments. Unlike IPL, our skin treatment lasers emit an exact wavelength of light. It is important to remember that lasers used for skin treatments are medical-grade. This means in the hands of inexperienced technicians, they can cause burns, scarring and more hyperpigmentation. Ipl face rejuvenation is also cost-prohibitive; the rejuvenation costs using this type of laser can run into the thousands of dollars!

At Facial Care By Sia, we offer an array of facial rejuvenation treatments that are effective and affordable. Using our medi light, ultrasonic and other treatments, we refine your skin, plumping up lines and sagging to give you a beautiful, clear and firm complexion without harsh chemicals. So visit us now!

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