Derma Pen

Have you checked out our new Regen Pen yet? Our Regen Pen is the next evolution of the popular ‘Derma Roller’, with several distinct advantages.

The Regen Pen is a skin needling technology. Skin needling involves mildly wounding the skin with dozens of very sharp, very tiny needles that penetrate the skin to a depth of around 1-2mm.

In the process of healing itself, the skin releases extra collagen and elastin, and this release results in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scars and sagging.


Unlike the Derma Roller, the Regen Pen penetrates the skin vertically, making it easier to treat scar tissue and to get around the contours of your face.

A topical anaesthetic is applied prior, so the treatment does not hurt, and you will require a day or two of recovery time. New Regen Pen heads are used for each session. For optimal results, you many need a series of treatments, your You By Sia clinician will be able to recommend how many.

The Regen Pen gets amazing results, similar to skin rejuvenation techniques like thermage, without the extensive recovery time or tremendous expense.

So if you suffer from scars, stretch marks, sagging, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation, visit You By Sia and find out more about how our amazing Regen pen can help you! Contact us now!

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