We’ve all heard of microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion treatments, or diamond dermabrasion as it is sometimes known, is a treatment that scours away the top most layers of skin, revealing smoother skin underneath.

This treatment has been around for many years and is essentially a stronger exfoliating treatment.

It can be done in a clinic using a microdermabrasion machines, microdermabrasion kit or microdermabrasion cloth, and there is even home microdermabrasion available now.

At Facial Care By Sia, we do not believe that aggressive microdermabrasion is the best way to reveal younger, softer skin when there are so many more advanced treatments, such as ultrasonic, light therapy and natural peels, available to you at a comparable cost.

Our treatments go well beyond the results that simple microdermabrasion can offer, so visit us today for information and see how the latest treatments can help your skin!


Many years ago microdermabrasion was popular in clinics and spas and was used to remove the dead outmost layers of skin to lessen acne, large pores and sun damage.


It was carried out using microdermabrasion crystals or a special microdermabrasion cream and suction. For while, diamond tip microdermabrasion was popular also to give this kind of deep exfoliation. These days there many different machines available for microdermabrasion. However, the results of their use are not consistent or standard across the cosmetic industry.

But no matter what is used, traditional microdermabrasion only sloughs off the top, dead layers of skin, so it results are only superficial and temporary. The suction used can also cause broken capillaries.

Does microdermabrasion work?

You may be wondering: microdermabrasion, does it REALLY work?

The fact is, the results of microdermabrasion are pretty subjective and it depends on what your expectations are. The most important thing to know about microdermabrasion is that microdermabrasion is purely cosmetic and does not permanently improve any skin conditions at all.

Some says microdermabrasion can be used medically for acne scar removal, but this is NOT the case. Microdermabrasion may also be used to treat acne in some clinics, but the fact is, it only SPREADS the bacteria around the face as it bursts a pimple and then is swept over the rest of the skin, causing more infection.

At Facial Care By Sia, we know that Microdermabrasion also DOES NOT stimulate collagen production in the skin, and collagen is what is needed to improve the skin’s firmness. This is because it is a surface treatment only and does not reach down to the dermis, where collagen is produced.

Is microdermabrasion safe?

Like any cosmetic treatment, microdermabrasion does run the risk of side effects.

The side effects of microdermabrasion include:
• Hyperpigmentation in some skin types, particularly darker skin tones;
• Broken capillaries;
• Increased acne and pimple infections;
• Sun sensitivity and an increased chance of burning; and
• A risk of the fine crystals getting the eye and causing eye damage.

Microdermabrasion facials also cannot be used on those using retinol medications or creams, or for those undergoing hormonal changes, such as pregnant women, because of the risks of permanent damage that microdermabrasion may cause to the skin.

Should I get microdermabrasion or a chemical peel?

At Facial Care By Sia, we think the answer to this is a no brainer! Microdermabrasion kits used at home, or microdermabrasion peeling undertaken at a clinic, will only ever offer temporary results as it can’t reach deep down to the dermis to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production.

There is not need to scratch, scrape and inflame skin using outdated microdermabrasion. Our all natural, chirally corrected, chemical free skin peels by CosMedix achieve far superior, permanent results compared with microdermabrasion, stimulating the production of collagen on a cellular level to reduce fine lines, sagging and sun damage.

Should I use microdermabrasion for acne scars?

You can, but it probably won’t work. Instead, we recommend using our Medi light therapy to treat acne and scars. Medi light therapy uses wavelengths of light to increase circulation and the supply of oxygen in the skin, speeding up the natural regeneration process by supplying additional nutrients. Medi Light Therapy increases collagen synthesis, cellular growth and accelerates wound healing, whereas microdermabrasion only smoothes the surface layer of the skin and cannot reach down to the dermis for deep cell stimulation.

Facial Care By Sia uses a variety of light wavelengths depending on your particular needs to stimulate collagen production, kill bacteria and stimulate the growth of connective tissue, reducing the visibility of scars.

We also partner our Medi Light Therapy with our Ultrasonic Treatment for cleaner, firmer and younger skin. Unlike microdermabrasion, ultrasonic wavelengths allow for intense cleaning without aggression or abrasives, infusing products deeper into the skin for healing, strengthening, stimulating and lifting.


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