Skin Rejuvenation

Clinics are doing remarkable things for skin rejuvenation now, and Facial Care By Sia is at the forefront of this amazing anti aging frontier.

Skin rejuvenation involves stimulating the skin’s own healing response, and therefore the release of elastin and collagen. This collagen and elastin influx into the skin improves things like mild scars, wrinkles, sagging and hollows naturally, rather than resorting to invasive and dangerous surgery.

Previously, this kind of skin rejuvenation involved things like laser ablation, chemical peels and dermabrasion to provoke this kind of collagen response from the skin. But the problem with these older skin rejuvenation methods was that they caused injury to the skin by removing the entire surface layers of the skin, which involved pain and significant recovery time. Things like dermabrasion and chemical peels could also cause scar tissue to build up under the surface of the skin, which causes a blockade between the dermis and the surface of the skin, hindering nutrients from getting to this supporting layer, and vice versa.


Now, a new generation of skin rejuvenation technology has arrived at Facial Care By Sia.

Our new Derma Pen takes skin needling to the next level and picks up where to popular Dermaroller left off. Very fine needles penetrate the skin vertically, instead of at an angle, resulting in excellent reductions in scarring and large pores, but without the damage caused by other skin rejuvenation techniques. This means less pain and faster recovery time.

Similarly, our new magnetic pulsing and radio frequency for skin rejuvenation is a remarkable collagen induction therapy, but without the pain, recovery, cost or damage of other methods. Heat is used to stimulate the release of collagen and elastin, as well as the propagation of the skin’s firming cells, fibroblasts, but without causing damage, which means zero pain or recovery time.


So before you consider old skin rejuvenation techniques like chemical peels and dermabrasion, consider talking to the leader in skin rejuvenation technology, Facial Care By Sia.

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