Skin Tightening

Looking into skin tightening? There are a number of ways to achieve skin tightening nowadays, with laser rejuvenation treatments and thermage being the most popular.

Skin tightening, or skin rejuvenation, works by prompting the skin to release collagen and elastin into the dermis. It’s this release that results in tighter skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Previously, it was thought that the only way to cause this release was to wound the skin. Therefore, treatments like laser resurfacing and thermage would vaporise or ablate either the surface of the skin, or tiny sections of it. This would start the healing response, and therefore the release of extra collagen and elastin.








But these treatments do have their drawbacks—the cost involved, the pain and recovery time being just a few.

So you’ll be excited to know that Laser By Sia has sourced some new technologies that achieve skin tightening, without the price tag or the recovery time.

Try our new Derma Pen. The Derma Pen is the latest in skin needling technology, which has the same results as thermage, but at less cost and with less recovery time. The Derma Pen works very well for skin rejuvenation, and for reducing the appearance or scars or stretch marks.

Our magnetic pulsing and radio frequency technology is amazing. It tricks the skin to thinking it is wounded, but actually does not harm skin at all. After a number of sessions you skin will be noticeably tighter. Best of all, it is pleasant, requires no recovery time and is far less expensive than fractional laser treatments.

So if you are interested in finding the best treatments for skin tightening, visit Laser By Sia.

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