Facial Treatments Cost

Macrodermal Facial and Peels Pricing

  • Starting from
  • *Package deals available
  • Treatment duration
  • $240
  • (SAVE up to $120-$440)
  • 75 minutes

Macrodermal facial  uses a combination of medical grade procedures that allow us to tailor make your treatments to suit your skin and its individual needs. These treatments may include medi light therapy, chemical-free peels and/or ultrasonic.

Medi Light therapy increases circulation, collagen synthesis, cellular growth and oxygen in the skin without chemicals, pain or residues by using selected wavelengths of light.

Ultrasonic uses sonic vibrations to deep clean the skin without abrasives or stripping the epidermal barrier. The ultrasonic wavelengths also infuse products deeper into the skin for healing, strengthening, stimulating and lifting.

Our dynamic, medical grade, chirally corrected skin peels are derived totally from plants to be kinder on your skin while still achieving vastly superior results to traditional chemical peels.

You will restructure your skin from the inside out in as little as three Mediderm Visage sessions.

Microdermal facial Pricing

  • Starting from
  • *Package deals available
  • Treatment duration
  • $160
  • (SAVE up to $40-$240)
  • 45 minutes

Microdermal facial offers all the benefits of Macrodermal facial – but fast!

The Microdermal facial takes our popular Macrodemral facial and concentrates it into 45 minutes, allowing you to get a medical grade treatment customised to your skin in your lunch hour. Each Medifacial will include one or two of our medical grade treatments, such as ultrasonic, medi light therapy or a peel, depending on what your skin needs. A series of six Microdermal sessions will transform your skin from the inside out, for totally radiant, healthy skin.

Regen Pen Pricing

Facial Care By Sia is delighted to introduce a new skin rejuvenation therapy, the Regen Pen. Faster, less painful and more effective than the Dermaroller, and as effective as skin rejuvenation treatments like fraxel and co2 laser therapy, the new Regen Pen prompts the natural release of the skin’s collagen and elastin for amazing anti-aging benefits, all without surgery.

  • Consult only 30 Mins
  • Full Face 60 mins
  • Forehead 30 mins
  • Cheek Bone 45 mins
  • Cheeks 45 mins
  • Chin 30 mins
  • Eye Area 30 mins
  • Nose 15 mins
  • Lips 15 mins
  • Scar Mark 30 mins
  • Stretch Mark 60 mins
  • FREE
  • $350, or 5 for $1,400
  • $220, or 5 for $1,000
  • $180, or 5 for $800
  • $250, or 5 $1,050
  • $160, or 5 for $750
  • $170, or 5 for $800
  • $110, or 5 for $500
  • $150, or 5 for $700
  • $120, or 5 for $550
  • $350, or 5 for $1,500

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