Acid Peels

They sound scary dont they?
Ever thought about having an acid face peel but have been put off by the thought of all those chemicals?

Fruit acid peels, salicylic acid peels, alpha hydroxy acid peels and other chemical or acid peels have been around for centuries and actually date back to ancient Greece!

Acid peels work by creating a ‘wound’ to the skin; the wounded top layers of skin then peel off revealing new skin underneath.

But acid skin peels are by no means completely safe. If you have a peel done by an inexperienced clinician, they can cause burns and scarring. And if you skin is prone to hyperpigmenting, this can be made worse.

Facial Care By Sia uses the latest, totally natural fruit acid peels to help reveal younger, clearer skin, without the harsh chemicals or dangers inherent in the chemicals peels of old.

Our natural peels are effective whilst also being pleasant to use, so come into one of our clinics today and let us introduce you to the new wave of skin peels!

Acid Peels

Thanks to Facial Care By Sia, it is possible to achieve all the collagen and elastin stimulating effects of a traditional chemical peel, without the chemicals, using our all-natural salicylic acids peels and lactic acid peels.


Our natural, chirally corrected skin acid peels by Chiral Actives are very effective, yet so gentle they can be used y those with sensitive skin.

These natural acid peel treatments contain none of the harsh, stripping chemicals that can cause skin reactions, and are ideal for a range of conditions including sun damage, smoothing out wrinkles, acne scarring and even acne and age spots.

What does ‘chirally corrected’ mean?

Chirally corrected acid skin peels contain purified molecules that link more easily with the skin’s molecules, which means no allergic reactions or other contra indications, like inflammation.

What can a lactic or other acid skin peel be used for?

Lactic acid and other peels can be used for almost every skin problem there is, like acne, age spots, mild wrinkling etc

Our lactic acid and salicylic acid skin peels can be used by all skin types without problems like adverse reactions or hyperpigmentation. Our peels range from mild to strong and can by adjusted to suit you.

At Facial Care By Sia we do not believe it is necessary to use a chemical peel to get the best skin rejuvenation benefits. In fact, our all natural peels are gentler and give better results than the harsh peels of previous decades. So visit us now and enjoy a peel without the fear!

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