Chemical Peels

Why we don't need chemical peels

Just what IS a chemical peel?

The name chemical peel often bring feelings of fear and distrust in the minds of many people, and visions of shonky operators in back rooms pouring chemicals on the face for Frankenstein-like results! Fortunately, chemical peels have come a long, long way since their original applications. And Facial Care By Sia, the chemical peel specialist, has taken this evolution of the chemical peel one step further. Our naturally derived facial peels contain no chemicals and yet still give amazing anti-aging results, without burning or the risk of scarring and hyperpigmenting! So if you are curious about what an advanced, new age ‘chemical’ peel can do for your skin, visit the most respected skin clinic in Sydney, Facial Care By Sia, now!

Chemical Peels

Chemical peeling is the process of creating a mild ‘wound’ to the skin. This causes the top layers of the skin to peel off, revealing fresh, clear skin underneath. In the process, chemical peels for the face also stimulate collagen production and cell renewal. Chemical-Peels Chemical peel treatments have been around since ancient times. In fact, it is known that Cleopatra used various food acids to peel her skin. In the early 1950s, the phenol peel was developed. This very deep chemical peel, was effective but also ran serious risks of complications, including hyperpigmentation, depigmentation and scarring. Now, there are all kinds of chemical peels available for all kinds of results. There are chemical peels for acne scars, fine lines, sagging, ranging from deep peeling to light chemical peels.

There are three main types of peels.

  1. AHA peels use fruit acids, such as glycolic (from sugar), tartaric (from grapes), malic (from apples) and lactic (from milk), for a peeling to treat fine lines, dryness and some sun damage on the surface of the skin.
  2. BHA peels use other naturally occurring acids, such as salicylic from willow bark, for a peeling that reaches down to the deeper layers of the skin to treat conditions such as oiliness and acne.
  3. A retinol peel uses a vitamin A derivative to reach deeper into the skin, treating scars and hyperpigmentation.

The best chemical peels

At Facial Care By Sia, we only use all natural salicylic and lactic acid peels by Chiral Actives. These chirally corrected professional ‘chemical’ peels are the latest in peel technology and work by penetrating deeply into the skin, rather than just causing the surface layers of skin to peel off. The-best-chemical-peels This natural peels are far kinder to your skin while still achieving excellent results. These natural acid peel treatments contain none of the chemicals found in other chemical peels that can cause skin reactions, and are ideal for a range of conditions including sun damage, acne, smoothing out wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Unlike glycolic acid peels, our peels do not harden the skin or lose effectiveness over time. They are also non-irritating and can be used on even the most sensitive skins. Most importantly, other chemical peels are not chirally corrected, meaning they can cause allergic reactions, and irritate inflamed skin conditions, such as acne. So before you use just any of the other chemical peels for the face, think about the newer and more effective alternatives available at Facial Care By Sia.

What does ‘chirally corrected’ mean?

Chirally corrected, natural skin peels are fast replacing the old chemical peels as their benefits become more widely known and appreciated. Chirally corrected molecules have undergone a special purification process, meaning they easily ‘link’ with the skin’s molecules for the most effective nourishment. Molecules that are not chirally corrected are not properly absorbed by the skin and can often cause allergic reactions. Thanks to Facial Care By Sia, it is possible to achieve all the acne scar removing and collagen and elastin stimulating effects of a traditional chemical peel, without the chemicals, using our all-natural salicylic acids peels and lactic acid peels.

The cost of chemical peels

Chemical peels prices can vary between clinics – from hundreds and even thousands of dollars! Some clinics will also make you pay for multiple chemical peels upfront, making the cost prohibitive. At Facial Care By Sia, our chemical peels costs are very reasonable, starting from just $190. We will also never charge you for multiple treatments upfront, as we believe that your skin is unique and can never be ‘pre packaged’.

Chemical peel procedure

Before your fist peel we undertake our unique Mediderm Visage treatment, which helps us tailor-make a peel program just for you and your skin’s particular needs. Whether you need a chemical peel for existing acne, or a chemical peel just for acne scars, we will design a program especially for your skin. Once the program is ready, we will thoroughly cleanse your skin then apply our all-natural, chemical free skin peel. Then, all you have to do is relax while it does its job!

What can natural lactic and salicylic skin peels be used for?

Our lactic acid and salicylic acid skin peels are suitable for ever skin type, even dark skins and sensitive skin, and suit all skin problems. We have medium strength ‘chemical’ peels ranging all the way through to strong skin peels.

Microdermabrasion vs. chemical peels

At Facial Care By Sia, we know that microdermabrasion is a superficial surface treatment only. It DOES NOT stimulate collagen production in the skin, and collagen is what is needed to improve the skin’s firmness. This is because it does not reach down to the dermis, where collagen is produced. Peels, on the other hand, do reach down to the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating cell renewal and collagen production. At Facial Care By Sia, we have the very best skin peels available for use in Australia. These peels are a far cry from the chemical peels of yesteryear, which could cause scars. Our peels are all-natural, chemical free skin treatments that can be used by those with sensitive or inflamed skin and give the best anti-aging results around. So don’t be put off by the thought or cost of a chemical face peel, visit a clinic near you and get the skin you’ve always wanted!

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