Face Peels

Been wondering about a face peel, but think it might not be for you?

Face peels have come a long way in the past few years and no longer have to involve harsh chemicals or melting skin!

In fact, there are facial peels available for just about every skin issue there is, including acne, dryness, irritation, sagging and lines.

Facial peeling has been around for eons, and was actually a technique used in Ancient Greece! Chemical peels for the face became popular in modern times about 20 years ago and involved putting harsh, burning chemicals on the skin to encourage the top layers to peel off, revealing more youthful-looking skin underneath. Understandably, they often went wrong.

Fortunately, a facial skin peel no longer involves chemicals and the potential dangers of scarring and burning!

Facial care  By Sia is now offering the latest in peel technology, the peel infusion. Peel infusions offer all the benefits of a traditional peel, without the chemicals or skin damage.

So if you were considering a face peel, but thought it might not be for you, visit Facial Care By Sia now to discuss how one of our natural peel infusions might be right for you!


Face peels can be known by a number of different names, including cosmetic face peels, epidermal peels and lactic acid facial peels. Acid face peels work by creating a ‘wound’ to the skin; the wounded top layers of skin then peel off revealing new skin underneath. This wound stimulates the skin to heal itself, in turn stimulating collagen and elastin the deep layers of the skin.

Thanks to Facial Care By Sia sourcing the latest peels, you can now get all the anti aging benefits of a harsh chemical peels, without the chemicals and contra-indications older peels had.

These natural peels for the face contain no chemicals and can be used on all skins to treat all common skin conditions, even acne.

What can a peel infusion be used for?
Peel infusions can be used for all kinds of skin problems, from acne to wrinkles, scarring, sun damage, sagging and hyperpigmentation.

How does a peel infusion work?

A peel infusions works by penetrating deep into the skin’s supporting layer, the dermis, and infusing vital nutrients into this layer, while also prompting the release of collagen and elastin. This release then reduces the sign of aging like wrinkles, sagging, hyperpigmentation, and more. And while the infusions remove dead skin cells, congestion and scar tissue, they leave the epidermal barrier in tact. Click here to find out why that is important.

I have sensitive skin; can I still get a peel?

Our peels are suitable for all skin types and skin problems, and we have light skin peels ranging all the way through to strong skin peels, so we guarantee we will only use a peel suitable for your skin.

When will I see results?

Following a peel infusion, stimulation and regeneration of the skin can be seen within 10-21 days. Sun spots, fine lines, scarring, congestion and enlarged pores are diminished and healthy, youthful skin is revealed.

Does it hurt?

The acid skin peels of old which burned and sometimes even required pain relief, our range of peel infusions do not hurt at all.

At facial care by  Sia we have the best peel infusions using all-natural ingredients. So if you have been considering a face or skin peeling, but are not sure, visit us now and enjoy the benefits that our skin and facial peels offer you!


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