Facial face mask

Much like your skin care, facial or face masks are only as good as their ingredients.

Did you know that facial masks and skin care sold over the counter in supermarkets and pharmacies cannot, by law, penetrate past the upper layers of the skin?

That means that an expensive face mask you buy at a department store with the best of intentions will actually just sit on the surface of the skin and not get anywhere near the level you need it to.

Why does this matter?

Because the most important layer of the skin is the lower supporting layer, called the dermis. The dermis is what gives the skin its support and elasticity. And it is here that nutrients from skin care are most needed if we are to keep skin healthy.

For facial masks or facial skin care to be effective and get down to the dermis, they must be medical grade. And, in Australia, for a face mask to be medical grade it can only be sold in skin clinics.

You By Sia has a number of facial/face masks in our medical-grade, chemical-free facial skin care range, Chiral Actives. Our all natural ingredients actually penetrate down to the dermis, to deliver nutrients to where they are needed.

So contact You By Sia now and find out how our facial masks and skin care can help you.

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