Glycolic Peels

When it comes to facial peels, there seems to be a whole array to choose from.

There are glycolic acid peels, AHA peels, lactic acid peels, salicylic acid peels, chemical peels, retinol peels and much, much more.


Every different type of clinic offers different types of peels, and, of course, they all claim that their peels are the best.

But is this really the case?

What is the difference between a glycolic peel and a lactic acid peel? What is a chemical peel? Which is best for me? How do I know I am getting the right treatment?

At Facial Care By Sia, we pride ourselves on not only providing the best facial treatments available in Australia today, but also the best, unbiased information. So if you want to know all about glycolic and other peels, keep reading, or visit one of our clinics now!

Glycolic & Other Facial Peels

In general, a chemical facial peel, glycolic, lactic, salicylic or otherwise, is a skin treatment that causes the upper layers of the skin to slough off, revealing new skin underneath.

AHA peels use fruit acids from sugar, grapes, apples or milk.

BHA peels use other naturally occurring acids, such as salicylic from willow bark.

A retinol peel uses a vitamin A derivative.

So what’s best for you?


At Facial Care By Sia, we only use all natural salicylic and lactic acid peels by Chiral Actives. These peels contain no chemicals and actually work from the inside out to restore the epidermal barrier, remove scar tissue and nourish deep down.

Glycolic acid peels

Glycolic acid products, such as peels, glycolic acid cleansers, glycolic acid cream, and glycolic acid gels, are formulated from sugar cane.

Our experts at Facial Care By Sia have found that glycolic acid is very irritating to the face and over time causes the skin to ‘harden’.

We also find that eventually glycolic acid stops having any affect on the facial skin as the skin builds up a tolerance, meaning wasted time and money.

Most importantly, glycolic acid facial peels are not chirally corrected, meaning they can cause adverse reactions, and glycolic acid can also irritate skin inflammation even further.

So before you put glycolic acid on your skin, think about the newer and more effective peels now available at Facial Care By Sia.

Glycolic acid skin care

Much like the glycolic acid skin peels, a glycolic cleanser, glycolic acid lotion and the ‘aqua’ glycolic face cream can be very irritating to the skin and lose effectiveness over time. Also, much of the glycolic acid skin care you can buy over the counter is filled with synthetic additives and by-products from the oil industry.

Instead, Facial Care By Sia has a range of medical-grade, all natural and chemical free skin care to effectively and gently cleanse, tone and moisturise, for clear, hydrated skin.

Which peel is right for me?

Using our visia photo imaging and skin care expertise, we will carry out a thorough assessment of your skin before undertaking any skin peel to ensure we prescribe the right one to give you the results you want.

We can also prescribe a skin care program using natural skin products to improve the condition of your skin, so you can ditch that glycolic acid facial cleanser.

At Facial Care By Sia, we have the experience and have done our research so you don’t have to. Everything we offer at our clinics is designed to be gentle, effective and all natural, so you get the very best in skin care and treatments without the chemicals or the risks. So visit a clinic near you and get the skin you’ve always wanted!

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