Light Therapy

Light therapy involves exposing the skin to various wavelengths of light to heal certain skin conditions and improve the overall condition and hydration of the complexion.

Light therapy has become very popular for skin treatments the world over as its benefits become more researched and documented.

Light healing, or light treatment as it is also known, achieves amazing results in the skin, including accelerated wound healing, deep cell stimulation and a significant reduction in bacteria.

As such, skin light therapy can be used to treat aging skin, sensitive skins and acne.

At Facial Care By Sia we offer the most effective of all the light treatments for skin – Medi Light Therapy. Medi light therapy can be used to quickly, effectively and painlessly treat wrinkles, acne, rosacea, psoriasis and other skin conditions, so make an appointment today to see how we can help you!

What is Medi Light Therapy?

In previous years, light healing used to involve sitting under a UV lamp or a light therapy lamp or other light therapy device and hoping for results.

Fortunately, light therapy technology and equipment has come a long way since then! Our Medi light therapy treatment, also known as LED light therapy, uses various wavelengths of light to increase circulation and the supply of oxygen in the skin, speeding up the natural regeneration process by supplying additional nutrients with the additional blood flow.

Medi Light Therapy increases collagen synthesis, cellular growth and accelerates wound healing. Facial Care By Sia uses a variety of light wavelengths depending on your particular needs to stimulate collagen production, improve lymphatic drainage and encourage the growth of connective tissue.

This therapy also kills the bacteria that causes acne and stimulates the cells to heal and repair the skin.

During this treatment:

blue light therapy treats acne,
red light therapy is used to stimulate collagen and skin rejuvenation,
infra red light therapy calms inflammation and assists skin healing,
green light therapy helps minimise capillaries, and
yellow light therapy helps reduce excess pigmentation.
We also use our medi light therapy in conjunction with our other facial treatments, such as peels and ultrasonic treatments, to create a stimulating, uplifting and healing facial treatment that is second to none.

What can medi light therapy treat?

Our healing light therapy can treat all skin concerns, including wrinkles, scarring, sagging facial contours, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, redness, dryness and infection. This is because light therapy boosts collagen, nourishing the cells and restoring the complexion from the inside out.

Does it hurt?

Not at all. Our medi light therapy light is pleasant and relaxing and does not involve any burning UV rays.

At Facial Care By Sia, we have sourced the most effective light therapy technology so we can offer our clients the best results. So why not come in to one of our clinics and see what we can do for your skin?

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