Mens Facials

Why men love facials
Facials are not just for women anymore. Now, both men and women alike realise it is important to look after the precious skin on our faces.

Men’s skin is generally thicker and oilier than women’s skins. Men also use a lot of drying chemicals on their face due to the daily act of shaving, leading to irritation and redness.

Fortunately, Facial Care By Sia specialises in men’s facials
There is no doubt that men’s facials can be highly beneficial for an array of men’s skin problems, like oily skin, shaving rash, blackheads and whiteheads. But they must be done correctly using the latest technology and the best, all natural skin care, otherwise they are a waste of time and money.


Facial Care By Sia, Sydney’s most recognised and respected skin care clinic, uses the best in male facial skin care, plus our peels and ultrasonic therapy, to offer our male clients an effective, fast and discrete service. So if you have a spare lunch hour, come in to Facial Care By Sia and see what we can do for your skin.

Did you know that most of the mass-produced men’s skin care brands used today contain a heap of chemicals that just irritate facial skin?

Our Dermedix and Chiral Actives ranges of skin care contain only natural ingredients, but are still medical grade. They penetrate deeply, to revitalise and heal your skin without chemicals or expensive fillers.

All our facial skincare for men is completely free of chemical nasties and is not tested on animals, so you get potent, natural ingredients which actually do your face good.

Want to look younger but don’t think you have the time?

At Facial Care By Sia, it is possible to achieve skin rejuvenation during your lunch hour using our all-natural peels, medi light therapy and ultrasonic facial therapy.

Our all-natural peels by Chiral Actives restore your skin from the inside, healing and improving the signs of aging, as well as common skin complaints by men, including congestion and enlarged pores. These peels are chemical-free, and, best of all, there is little to no down-time, so no one ever need know you had it done!

Our mens facials using the cutting-edge Ultrasonic Treatment give cleaner, clearer and firmer skin than the facials of old. Unlike treatments like microdermabrasion or scrubs, ultrasonic wavelengths now allow for intense cleaning without aggression or abrasives, infusing products deeper into the skin, soothing shaving rash, reducing the look of a tired complexion and wiping years off your appearance!

Facials are not just for women. Most men find they just don’t have the time to care for their skin, making you look older than your years! In just a single lunch hour, we can wipe years off your face without any telltale swelling or redness. So visit Facial Care By Sia now and wait for the compliments to roll in!

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